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About ShaleNavigator
The advent of hydrofracking oil and natural gas extraction technology is rapidly changing the global energy landscape. Previously extraction was limited and costly, but the new, efficient technology is responsible for record oil and gas production across the US, in both known and yet to be discovered shale geographies that, when combined, cover hundreds of thousands of square miles across 22 states.

Oil and gas companies are rapidly leasing, drilling, and producing in areas across America to capitalize on this exciting opportunity. Current predictions are pointing to American energy independence by 2019.

However, the rapid pace of development has left supply chain providers clamoring for data to gain strategic business intelligence to participate in the opportunity to market their services. Engineering and construction services, landowners, mineral rights investors, real estate, and legal services needed a powerful, accurate, and affordable platform to assess where paths of development, or 'hot spots,' of opportunity might be in the ever-changing shale development landscape.

The ShaleNavigator solution
That's why we've built a powerful, easy to use, and affordable mapping software that brings together difficult to acquire shale oil and gas development information into one common interactive map. By combining powerful search tools, layers of data, and an innovative user interface, we're helping people save money, time, and make better decisions.

ShaleNavigator provides answers to questions such as:

-Are there any new permits in my AOI, and what companies have they been issued to?
-What pipeline infrastructure exists in the area I am interested in investing in?
-What are recent well production results in my AOI?
-Have there been any recent lease offers in my area of interest (AOI)? If so, for how much?

For quick answers to these questions, Pro and Pro Plus subscribers can enter a street address or coordinates and generate a property report on the fly, detailing shale development activity with 2 and 5 mile radius of subject address. Click here for a sample report.

Property owners can list their mineral rights for lease and/or sale in ShaleNavigator. Listed property is shown in the ShaleNavigator online map among pipelines, permits, and existing wells for hundreds of buyers, leasing companies, and drillers to view and inquire about. ShaleNavigator's listed acreage totals greater than 20,000 acres and continues to grow rapidly. Learn more about listing property.

You can test drive our software by signing up for a free, 7 day trial account or start using our free well quick view to lookup wells by county, permit number, or operator.

Subscription Options
With several subscription options, ShaleNavigator allows a variety of stakeholders in the industry to access the updated information they need in a one-stop location. A variety of companies, large and small, who share the need for updated, accurate information have integrated ShaleNavigator into ther daily workflow processes. Subscription levels can be viewed by clicking here.

Customer Satisfaction
What our Subscribers are saying

"As Pro Version Subscribers, we use ShaleNavigator's Property Reports to deliver critical information to our clients in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio." - Steve Karabin, CEO, The Rhino Group

"We use ShaleNavigator to present information to our buyers, and has been a great help in developing new projects and prospects across the Appalachian Basin." - Justin Burgess, JD, CPL, Partner, Arete Acquisitions

"Our company has been a ShaleNavigator subscriber for nearly two years, and have found their subscription model offers enough flexibility to satisfy a multitude of user's needs. For our operations, there is no better online tool available that compares to ShaleNavigator. Highly recommended." - Resource Manager, PA

"Valuation issues surrounding shale gas is an ever increasing part of our appraisal business. We use ShaleNavigator to produce maps giving a geospatial representation to the data supporting our property valuations." - Mike Coles , CEO, Coles & Associates Appraisal

Customer Service
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Other Services
Check out the Marcellus & Utica Databook, the Marcellus & Utica Overview map, and our custom mapping services in the Map and Data Store. For companies with GIS departments, we also license our proprietary pipeline, lease offer, and well permit data.

Custom Systems
Custom systems are available for users with requirements requiring optimization for their specific individual or corporate needs. The systems have advanced functionality, can be hosted on our servers, and are password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

Our specialized systems focus on the unique requirements of users working on the Environmental and Legal aspects of the industry, as well as Oil and Gas Land Portfolio Managers, and includes the integration of your proprietary data.

ShaleNavigator for mobile devices is under development and will provide field capture GPS technology allowing clients to add data and photos from the field via smartphone.